Spare Parts

PEI can supply spare parts for most machines.

Parts in stock include :


Knives, Heaters, Thermocouples, Sliprings, Pusher Lugs , temperature Controllers, Sealing Jaws , Knife adjustment screw kits, Gearbox rebuild bearing and seal kits and many more.

L-Sealers and Shrinkwrappers:

Sealing Blades and Wires, Blade infills Blade end clamps and corner posts, Teflon Tape, Base pads, Water pumps, control boards, Heaters and thermocouples, Temperature Controllers and Contactors.

Vacuum Machines and Tray Sealers:

Rubber seals, Replacements die sets, knives, Vacuum pumps and vacuum pump oil, Sealing base pads etc.

Please contact us with your specific spare parts requirement.

Packaging equipment Ireland
Packaging equipment Ireland
Packaging equipment Ireland